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A true single-brew,

Single batch kombucha

Always fresh, creative & unique brews, straight from our brewery.

Constantly changing, expect a new Single Edition every 1-2 months. Grab these while you can, as once they're gone, they're gone!


To find out more about each batch

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Release Date: 06 Mar 2024


Thousands of seasonal kumquats were squashed to bring you this New Year special. Made with a blend of Chinese teas, this zesty Kumquat Kombucha is one of our best yet! Super limited edition. Get them while stock lasts! 


Filtered water, raw cane sugar, tea (Da Hong Pao, Dragonwell, Jasmine Green Tea, White Tea), kumquat, live kombucha culture.


Release Date: 16 Aug 2023


Popped Rice Tea

Japanese Sencha infused with toasty, roasted popped brown rice (aka Genmaicha) takes this Kombucha to a whole new sensory level. Sending your tastebuds on a journey through orchards of tropical fruit and landing in a giant popcorn machine. Refreshing, unique, and utterly addictive.

Release Date: 5 Jul 2023


Zingy lemon with a refreshing bitterness, this Kombucha is brewed to punch the summer heat in the face! Using white tea, fresh lemons, zest and only a touch of sweetness, this Kombucha is the ultimate afternoon pick-me-up!


Filtered water, raw cane sugar, green tea, popped brown rice, live kombucha culture.


Filtered water, raw cane sugar, tea, lemon, lemon zest, live kombucha culture.

Release Date: 16 May 2023

Not your typical strawberry Kombucha, believe us! Fruit and herbs are all blended prior to fermentation, awarding the time to slowly ferment with the tea, creating a spectacularly complex Kombucha.

Sweet strawberries intensify long in the aftertaste, with tropical notes from the green tea and faint notes of basil giving greater depth.

                       with Green Tea



Filtered water, raw cane sugar, tea, strawberry, basil, carob, elderflowers, blueberries, live kombucha culture.

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Release Date: 4 Apr 2023

What better way to welcome back summer than with the refreshing tang of hibiscus. Hibiscus is no stranger to iced tea from Mexico to Hong Kong and will certainly be no stranger in Kombucha anymore. Grab this deep magenta brew while it lasts!



Filtered water, raw cane sugar, tea, hibiscus, live kombucha culture.

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